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And I don’t mean like off a ladder or something. I freakin’ mean this fall has been to long; from September to November. My first adventure with Ms Randle has come to an end. I won’t say how. That’s her story. Mine is, I lived.

Now I have a lot of thinking to do. I know way too much about the workings of the universe now just to freakin’ keep going as I am. Got to change things but don’t know how. Never been good at that part.

Oh, I moved again. Maybe I should just buy an RV! Really I’m moving. Got to leave Maine and head to Prudhoe Bay, AK. Driving is out of the question so I put my restored Dofge Dart in storage and bought a ticket to fly into the Deadhorse Airport there.

I’m stayin’ at the freakin’ Arctic Caribou Inn. Here it is:


Looks like a wreck. But that’s my freakin’ life. Reviews (all 2 of them) rate it from good to poor. One unknown guys said, “Stayed there in July, 2008. Not the greatest, but considering where you are, it’s (sic)preety good. Rooms were comfortable, with shower. Food was great – buffet style. For $20, you could stuff yourself with good steak, etc – all you can eat. This place is also used for R&R for workers who have been in the field for awhile. No alcohol – they’ll even kick out tourists if you have alcohol on the premises.”

Sounds fun. Not sure how long I’ll be there but there I must go. Peace to all.